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Role of Influencer Marketing In the Advertisement World

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

cvrejz8waaqlbpyWith internet and social media at hand, our perception has faced a major shift. Usually, consumers look at what the other fellow is doing around, in order to make a purchase decision. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, but it happens. In the past the traditional buyers used to look at the company that is selling the product, in order to make a decision. However, today the opinions are affected by favorite personalities, who have maximum followers on social media and so on. It will be prudent if you get in touch with people from Influencer Marketing Academy for your influencer marketing needs. Many reputed sites such as have emphasized the importance of well suited service providers for effective influencer marketing.

It is a great opportunity for marketers. Now that it is clear, how important internet and social media is, influencer marketing is surely going to be the next big thing in the advertisement arena. A visionary marketer will undoubtedly feel that the popularity of social media is a great opportunity for marketing their product. Indeed, there are many possibilities as one can look at what the other known one is doing in order to influence their own buying decision. Social media has opened a whole new channel for brand building. There is an entirely new way possible, to interact with the customers.

One can create branded content with social media influencers to market their products. It is an amazing way of marketing that is going on these days. Influencer marketing amplifies you marketing effort in a twofold way. Influencer marketing is new, hence people might be apprehensive about it, but it is on going to be a major role player. The first and foremost thing about it is, influencer marketing is powerful. It drives sale faster than a warm word of mouth recommendation. In case of word of mouth the retention was found to be around 37%, just imagine how much it would be in case of influencer marketing.

Paid advertisements or the traditional way of advertisement were important, but today the time is different. There are so many products and sellers in the market. It is becoming difficult to choose for a consumer. In this situation what would work? Perhaps something that gives consumers a feel that a certain product is better than the other one can be handy. This can only happen if there is a personal opinion given to the buyer or some other kind of influence from a credible body. Moreover, influencer marketing is social and not private. Everything is public and what one knows, the other person does too. These new ways of marketing are no breakthrough from the traditional ways.

Rather, it has the traditional way on top of it. It is just a modification to the way it was practiced. People expect the brand to talk them. Consumers must get a feel, what they are buying are with their money and time. Many brands have been playing with the instincts of buyers. Now, with influencer marketing things are very different. Everybody is talking about influencer marketing. However, its success is still to be measured. It is a long way to go even now as many companies shave implemented it only on a small scale.